3 BDRs you can INVEST in the GAMES sector

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Written by klebsondasilvasoares
on October 3, 2021

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games stock exchanges and billionaire movements

In 2019, the game industry
handled more than U$ 120 billion, an absurd growth in 2018. This is a market that has grown
too much. So there are people who play video games and there are people who make money with
video game. And today in the video, I'll show you
three shares you can invest, so you can participate in this growth
of video game studios.

that is, being a gamer to make money with video games and today we did a lot of study
mass, here is a lot of information.

First, some global numbers,
what is this global number? We pulled here from 2012 to 2021, the size of the games market,
just the games.

bdr games stocks i

mobile games, games
for mobile, PC games and console games, Playstation,
Nintendo, Switch, Xbox, so we separated it from here.

that is 2021, the expectation is that the
people have revenues of U$ 180 billion,
in 2020 this year, the expectation is U$ 165 billion and in
2019, we had U$ 151 billion, 2018, U$ 137 billion and look,
that we really had a very strong upward curve,
far above many other industries.

So people really like to compare
games with movies, movies, with music.

And look how shocking this here,
if we're going to pull since 2001, what happened in these three industries, the games industry,
of songs and movies, you'll be shocked.

game stock industries

that is, 2021, we were saying that the game industry
should earn around U$ 180 billion, but
the music industry around U$ 22 billion and the film industry,
somewhere around U$ 51 billion.

Look at the difference! And if we go
pull this chart in 2005, in 2006, more or less, this revenue
it was very similar. until the games started
shooting and since then they have grown at a much more
mind-blowing than any other industry.

So, this is plenty of reason to
at the very least you look at this move.

Why do we look a lot at what? For commodity companies,
look at banks, look at retail, look at so many things and
forget to look at the industry that is flying, but that's because the
people also had a big problem.

Here in Brazil we
does not have much access to companies that produce
games, but now that the BDRs, which are corporate receipts
traded abroad, will be accessible to the general investor and not just
for qualified investors, we can access
some companies out there.

games that were an explosion of success and profit

I think it's impossible,
you haven't played at least one of these games,
I dare you! Where are gamer investors? And I separated three BDRs
from game makers, which are accessible here for
everyone in a little while, that the CVM the norm has already changed,
if you want to understand this here, just watch the video
that I'll leave here, which we posted on Tuesday.

The first one is
The Activision Blizzard, we are even
planning to visit Blizzard, we received a message from the guys
and let's get to know Blizzard inside.

I'm a big fan of
video game, I really like Zelda, I really like everything connected to this one
world, this is my hobby actually, i play a lot of video games, i play games
keyboard, game mobile games.

So for me it's a big
honor to be able to talk about it, but I have to take a lot
be careful for my emotional side, for my heart not to disturb me
when I'm talking about investments, you can see that I love this world. But come on, Blizzard, come on
talk about Blizzard numbers.

see when this company was founded

She was founded in 1979 and she was
the first independent developer and distributor
for console games.

Look how interesting, for sure
have you ever played a Blizzard game.

ie In 2007, she was founded with
Vivendi Games, which was a road of some studios from
games, including Blizzard Entertainment.

And from then on, the company
was renamed Activision Blizzard.

So take a look at some of the
games that this company has already developed: Call of Duty, have you ever played Kaique? Guitar Hero? Man, Guitar Hero I was good, The Word of Warcraft,

see the legendary games that this bdr produced

so many people already play E Diablo 2, only legendary games,
among several others.

But these are just some of the games
that this company has already produced.

If we look at the
chart of these actions, look what happened: since 1984, a little before that, the shares
they fell a little later they rose and today they are at their maximum.

The dollar rose a lot, we
you have to be careful with that, the stocks are also at their maximum.

But the market, it also grew in an amazing way,
the gaming market.

remembering that we are analyzing the scenario

I'm not saying it's worth
worth buying, on the contrary, I'm not
recommending nothing, but opening your eyes to
some other interesting threads.

therefore Just never forget
that past return will never be a guarantee of return
future, so be careful with that.

Numbers, it is a company that
worth U$ 63 billion, man is a lot of money! We have a P/E of 34.92, in fact,
I found out that there is no P/W video, would you like me to record one
video about P/W? Because there is one that I speak of
PEG ratio, if you want me to record about P/E, leave it in the comments
on here. If you have a legal quorum, we can record a video about it.

has a margin
net of 25,94%, an ROE of 14,13%, a
very low dividend yield.

These companies, they invest a lot
in them, they distribute few dividends and a net profit in the last
12 months, of U$ 1.8 billion. And Activision's PEG Ratio is 2.35, which is when we cross the profit, the
P/E with the company's growth.

Yahoo Finance data, so they use forecast data,
that is, the forecast data, not the data that happened,
then a PEG Ratio of 2.35. Another company too,

another Take Two Interactive games bdr

Take Two Interactive. Sometimes you don't know the
Name TakeTwo, but it produces some games
that you certainly know.

before i tell about
the games she produces, her story is as follows,
it was founded in 1993, so these are not companies that were
founded now, as many people imagine.

In March 1998, she became
strengthened in several areas and acquired BMG Interactive
from Bertelsmann AG for almost U$ 14 million, it seemed
Expensive but things have changed.

In the future this company will
turned into Rockstar Games, which is the studio known for
produce the GTA, look how interesting! And since then, the company
was acquiring big studios and developing several games and several
different game styles too, for example through the
2K Games, which by the way produces the game my team plays every day here. And take a look at the games that this company produces or already
produced: GTA, which is the Grand Theft Auto.

gta was the game that keeps selling

So just think for sure
you or someone you know or many people you know already
played GTA 3, San Andreas, GTA 4, GTA 5. So this person paid several
times for the company, even high values, several
times, and what is interesting, the GTA, even though it was
produced several years ago, it's still selling.
renew all the time.

You have the Red Dead Redemption, a
game that won several awards, you have the NBA 2K, which every day the
Bill beats up Lucão here. We have WWE, 2K, Civilization,
a game that rocked in the past, BioSchock which is a
super successful franchise, and it has numbers worth looking at. Before going into the numbers, take a look at the graph, it's also
close to the maximums, it is at the maximum.

It has a market value of
almost U$ 20 billion, a P/E of 43.14 a net margin of 13.22%, a
ROE of 18.86%, does not pay dividends, a net profit of U$ 0.44
billion in the last 12 months, has a PEG Ratio of 4.46, or
that is, it went up a lot too.

we have one of the best in the sport field that EA Sport

have heard something from EA, which has the: “EA Sports, to the game!”. And she is a company
which was also created a long time ago and she did
some acquisitions from other studios. She has a recent example in 2004 that she acquired 20% from Ubisoft
and produces many sports games.

She has games known to all of us. She has FIFA, which every year they release
Fifa man, every year. What Changes a FIFA
for another FIFA, tell me Update the teams. Dude… Neymar nos Santos, I got it. Then you pay R$ 300, but then when the
guys buy a skin on LOL, people complain that they bought
outfit, by R$ 10. Got it.

performance of this bdr

So I have FIFA, that all
year the guys take R$ 300 ours, I have Nascar, Need for Speed,
The Sims, Battlefield, Simcity.

Various games known to everyone. Figures, U$ 40.40 billion,
market value, P/L 19, margin 34.27%, ROE of
27,80%, does not pay dividends and in the last 12 months,
U$ 2 billion net profit. If you go to see prices, too
close to the highs.

And if we put everything
on the side, one company from the other, just so you can see the
numbers, what do we have? Market value, the lowest P/E is for EA, the highest net margin is for EA, ROE
bigger is also from EA. And guess what, the PEG
Better Ratio isn't from EA, it's from Activision, because that's when the
people cross the P/E with growth.

So there's no point looking
just for the P/E and say: "The EA's OP/E is smaller, so it's better." We need to cross the P/E with
the growth of a company, because the P/E of Take Two is
twice as big as EA, only if Take Two
grows much more per year, at some point it will have done
much more sense to invest in Take Two.

So you shouldn't look at
each thing separately.

But still it is
interesting to see that the market that is developing
it grows so much at such frantic, mind-blowing paces, there's a company
that, like the EA, in a P/L 19, while the guys here invest
in a retail company in Brazil, with P/E of 50, P/E of 80, P/E of 90. It's obvious, I'm not talking
that this is a bad investment and I'm not saying that
this is a good investment.

always have a good stock portfolio

It's just for you to reflect, the
which can be more scalable, which have better margins. on the other hand, too
there are bigger risks. If you don't get some big ones
games, your score goes into the hole. There are few products that are responsible
relevant part of its result. What would Take Two be, if she
not launch GTA, for example? would have a great
difference in your result. It's like Nintendo, the
what would Nintendo be if it didn't have Zelda, Mario,
the Pokemon and that sort of thing? So, they are different markets, but
at the very least, it's worth analyzing, especially now that the BDRs
will be accessible to all investors.

You can see


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