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Written by klebsondasilvasoares
on May 1, 2021

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action games

That is, explosions shot punch in the face everything that a good video game

on the other hand, that's what action genre games bring to our lives dear

I mean, for me the best things I have I think are the funniest games you can have,

however, I don't know, I sometimes consider other types of games better like this in general, but when you have

really fun pure and simple action games are if they can make it for you in the best way possible

and that's what i'll be here for showing you 5 best ps4 action games 

ps4 games

in action games he is god of war yes, i couldn't stop staying here now and now on playstation 4

also in the well-modified gameplay, right, it was already an excellent action game on the playstation 2 and even on the playstation 3

in other words, they are excellent games in my opinion, but it was the game that completely reinvented itself and it changed a lot.

 so it's an excellent game it's a lot of time the combat you really feel as powerful as Crateús

even though he's not a really badass guy and he makes feeling really good 

so the thing i liked the most about this game was the ax you throw the ax and get it back

in other words, it's one of the nicest feelings you have for playing an action game dude. 

best action games 

in other words, the second game gives a list is it uncharted 4 of the uncharted franchise plus the four there's no way I can, right, don't say

because it's an excellent game, it's the game in my opinion that the guys really met and managed to bring

all the best they had in their head is for this expensive franchise and the combat has improved in a way

absurdity of (three) or (four) dude an excellent thing dude that inclusion of that string there gave a lot of variety

in other words, for combat and so much this new technology is able to make it really fun

therefore, speaking of technology, an era of automation is already circulating in which the Technology 4

that an automation for companies that reduces efforts in time.

creating scenarios 

in other words, the game encourages you to move a lot around the scenario they make employees

 so you can move around by lamps hide hang here hang there and really use the best there is in the game

are these and complete craziness that happens in that action scene very well done very cool to

that is, scene where you are worth riding in the car and a tank practically chases you through the city

then you fall there if you hang on the rope go on the train it's an absurd thing it's really high level action

so it really feels like it's playing an action movie

 third on the never ending speedlight list

 therefore, one game on our list is a little different combat within god of war.

so as to let it have a more minimalist combat, I would say to unite is a game is very beautiful it is very visual it is very cool

in other words, the blows were very well animated, but his combat is much more for you to pay attention

and trying to do things right because he combines this thing so much suddenly slash man

when you have to pay no attention and always do that, right giving the perry when

in other words, enemies come to attack you, defending by dodging and also forgetting to pay attention to distance blows

so in the balls the game plays for you I know that deflecting the even cut inside them is cool because it's a lot

option differs is a combination that I've never seen any other game out there is action 

therefore, it manages to do a really cool way and mix these two genres very well mixed so much genius hack slash

fourth game call of duty

  call of duty just for a living and he managed to bring this thing here.

in other words, constants can't stop moving and there's all the time there, it combines that with really cool weapons

as soon as we are! used sometimes is for the own 

so who is used to violence even though we have it in the gift and all this with a soundtrack

that makes the feeling that you have to be always in motion is always in action

 in short there is a video showing the games in practice, feel free 

more content ideas on the post xbox one see why you have to buy it and the best

You can see the video on youtube On here

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