Futebol Manager 2021: know everything about the game

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Written by klebsondasilvasoares
on May 15, 2021

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Check out the FM 2021 guide and see everything you need to build a great team and be victorious in the soccer simulator

Football Manager 2021 is a realistic, complete and a lot of fun football simulator that won the hearts of thousands of players.

So In the game, you become the coach of a team and need to walk a victorious path in search of titles.

It's just not that simple.

In addition to playing the matches, obviously, it is necessary to pay attention to several other aspects of football.

For example, you'll choose the tactical scheme, bring in reinforcements, negotiate salaries, give training and even hire members of your coaching staff.

It's like real life! Because it's so rich in detail, it's normal for many players to get lost in the first game.

So today, with the help of sportland, let's explain the basics of FM 2021: minimum requirements, where to buy, key mechanics and more!

How to buy Football Manager 2021?

Certainly something that causes a lot of confusion in those who do not know FM 2021 is how to buy the game.

In other words, the title is not licensed in Brazil, so there is no way to acquire it directly on the official website or on distribution platforms such as Steam.

The bullshit involves legal issues with image rights, both for Brazilian players and teams.

We won't go into the merits of the matter, but it's good to keep in mind that you can still buy the game legally.

To do this, just find a reputable retailer on Mercado Livre.

It will basically log into your Steam account, buy the Football Manager with a card from another country and have it ready to be installed.

It's like a product import, so don't be afraid of piracy. The method is official 100%, but of course it will cost a certain amount.

Prices will vary with the fluctuation of the dollar.

In other words, Marton Shop and Apodi Games are two reliable FM 2021 resellers, recommended by a large part of the Brazilian community.

Setting the first save

The first step in Football Manager 2021 is choosing your team.

Therefore, All the main national leagues on the planet are present in the game, so it will depend on the personal taste of each one.

Some like to play with small teams; others, with big ones.

After choosing the club, select which championships you want to be part of the save.

The more leagues activated, the more athletes will be available on the transfer market.

However, this means that the game will be heavier to load.

See if your PC can handle it. Otherwise, disable some less expressive tournaments.

On the initial setup screen, it's also good to take a look at the options at the bottom of the screen.

Even so The recommended thing is to follow the calendar and the rules of reality, in addition to enabling the first transfer window.

However, other options can make football easier if you want to reduce the complexity of details.

It is the case of starting the season with the technical committee already formed. You won't need to hire one by one.

In short, there is the possibility to make the attributes of all players in the world visible.

Therefore, if you disable this option, you will have to place scouts to discover the characteristics of athletes when hiring.

The 2021 football menus

After choosing the team, the game starts for real.

In other words, Football Manager's interface is divided into several sections that are located on the left corner of the screen. We'll explain each of them below:

  • Start: is the game overview, fully customizable. You can add league tables, see upcoming matches, training schedule, finances, etc;
  • Mail box: this is where communications from the board, messages from athletes, staff members and other types of communication appear;
  • Squad: list of all players in the squad. In this menu you can consult statistics, market value, wages, morale and other basic information;
  • Dynamics: place where the hierarchy of the cast is shown, that is, which athletes are more influential. Furthermore, it shows the level of satisfaction of players with the club;
  • Tactics: it is in this section where you can adjust the tactical aspects of the team such as game system, set pieces, captains and instructions;
  • Team report: the reports made by your technical committee appear here. Examples: analysis of opponent, your own team or reinforcement scout;
  • Technical team: panel of your staff members. This is where you monitor assistants, doctors, scouts, analysts, medical department
  • Training: menu dedicated to training. You will have to build a calendar of individual, group and recovery activities;
  • Medical department: your club's injury reports. It also shows which athletes are more likely to get hurt;
  • Schedule: your club's match schedule for the season;
  • Competitions: tournaments your team plays in;
  • Observation: menu for you to search for players from all over the world and place scouts on the field to look for reinforcements;
  • Transfers: clauses, loans, transfer history and other information related to reinforcements;
  • General information: it's the club's basic information like numbers, reputation, history, titles, partners, infrastructure, stats leaders, etc;
  • Club vision: are where the goals set by the board are, which you need to fulfill. Here it is also possible to ask for more budget and resources;
  • Finance: the club's financial statement, that is, information about expenses, income, billing, etc;
  • Development Center: core of the base categories. In this menu you can promote or demote young talents.

How to play Football Manager 2021

Most importantly, take a look at the menus and get acquainted with the game, you'll be ready to really start the season.

In other words, start by analyzing your squad and coaching staff: will it be necessary to hire players and employees?

See how much money the board has set aside for you and assess the arrival of reinforcements.

Also, set up scouts to analyze your targets and already sketch some tactical football patterns

See the football modalities

Which scheme will your team play in? Who will be the corner, foul and penalty takers? Draw everything right and give the squad a style of play.

Also tweak the rehearsed plays and instructions, both collective and individual.

In the same way Finish by putting together a training calendar, focusing on the characteristics and attributes you would like your athletes to develop in football

With all this ready, ok! Free to play the first games and chase the goals set by the board!

Therefore, there are many videos, tutorials and texts explaining the different mechanics of Football Manager 2021.

Our guide was just a general biggie, so be sure to go after more knowledge to become a great technician. Good luck on the journey!

This guide was written by Esportelândia! Access to clear all your doubts about sports, rules, competitions and athletes!

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