5 Best Android Games in 2021

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Written by klebsondasilvasoares
on June 8, 2021

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If you like to play games and are always up to date with what's new in the gaming world, chances are you'll like this article. We prepared a list with the 5 best games for Android in 2021.

So keep reading and see if you already know the games that are making success.

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Best Android Games

  • anima

AnimA is an RPG game that has been very popular. RPG is a game where players represent specific characters and it happens according to the choices of those characters.

AnimA has similar features to the Diablo II game, so those who like this type of game can count on AnimA for a version that works on Android.

  • Call of Duty Mobile

This is a game for those who like to shoot. And the reason it's second on that list is because it's been fully adaptable to Android.

This game is already well known in its console version, being one of the most sought after in the style of first person shooter game.

Call of Duty Mobile is set in World War II and offers the classic combat mode and the Battle Royale style, where the player must survive in a scenario with up to ninety-nine opponents.

  • Sky: Children of the Light

This is the perfect game for anyone looking for a light and fun hobby. Sky: Children of the Light is a game that has beautiful graphics and different characters. It is an adventure game that features simple and dynamic content.

It's not very simple to talk about Sky: Children of the Light, however, after a few minutes of playing it is possible to realize that the objective of the game is to find stars that are lost and direct them back to their constellation.

In this game there are no confrontations or battles, so it is suitable for anyone.

  • Fortnite

You probably already know this game or know someone who plays it. That's because Fornite is one of the best known games worldwide.

Fornite is a universe of many possibilities. This game takes place on an island where you must do what is necessary to survive. The person can play alone or be part of a team.

And being available on the Play Store, this game is accessible to anyone without the need to request third-party installations.

  • love hue

This is a puzzle game and is therefore one of the most downloaded at the moment.

Puzzle games are ideal for those who want to be distracted and relax. This type of game is interesting as they grab the player's attention and are highly addictive! Some of these games make you develop new thinking and demand attention to understand their basic premises.

The concept of I Love Hue is pretty easy to understand. There are some color squares that must be dragged into the correct place in order to be part of a color gradient. I Love Hue has stages ranging from “beginner” mode to “visionary” mode, so with each level the difficulty increases.

From the description, it may seem easy to play this game, but I Love Hue proves that it is possible to create many challenges through a range of combined colors.


There are currently thousands of games for Android, so creating a list with the best of them is not easy. There are games available for all types of personalities and tastes. Furthermore, even those who have a cheap cell phone can run some of these games. 

In this list, we mention an RPG game, some action and first person shooter games, a simple and fun game and a game for those who like to distract themselves and think a lot about the mode of puzzle.

Therefore, to find the perfect game for you it is advisable that you know the different types available and try playing some of them to see which one you identify the most. Take advantage of the free versions available on the Play Store and play in worlds of action, adventure and reasoning.

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