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Written by klebsondasilvasoares
on April 11, 2021

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light pc games

        this is what we are back with another video here and as you may have read in the title of the video I'm bringing more playful light games for weak pc

Since taking the opportunity to talk here that we are entering a genre of games well differentiated by weak ps

that is, if you have a weak PC click on the young man and let's go legend of glory is our game of the day an online multiplayer

although developed by the not-so-known netdragon bush as every fashion player knows the game consists

also called nexus, something related to population occurs as the most precious structure in the game to get to the heart of the base

So the team must strengthen itself in the lines and routes as they are called beating the enemy troops that come to get coins

Light Games for Weak PC

that is, several factors that influence your performance in the game there is a huge selection of characters being magicians tank snipers the popular ones

in short, that affection that kills troops in the jungle and in charge of helping the team on the lines whenever the map is requested.

In other words, those who have never played new will undoubtedly have to get used to it, but with one or two games this problem has already been resolved.

In addition, there is a teleport that can be used to the tower closest to the selected location.

So the important thing to remember is that there is a level ranking system where you can gain experience by playing matches.

and climbing slightly to unlock prizes and be able to buy certain items something very common mobile game
if you are typical 

temptation you may also invested some money to buy some 15

that is, not even in your broken performance unless you like 15 soldiers
even, since the 15 soldiers are photos, I'll stay here, I hope you liked it soon, I'll have another video
so here let the jewel to motivate more every day here on the channel only visit the essential channel comments that you found
so I'll leave the game's link in the description thanks for your attention thanks and I went
You can see the video on youtube On here
in short, you can also access the post Action Games full list check here

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