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on April 19, 2021

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most played games

games in fortnite battle

ie one of the most played battle survival games best rated fortnite players around the world

so that you find someone to be online in the game with you is for you to stay longer than they didn't

that is and keep growing because it allows players from different platforms to play together or even Gamer

so the platforms you can play fortnite are currently available

on Xbox Nintendo Switch PC Playstation Epic Games Android Mac and IOS game

ie It has numerous functions like driving gun cars you have a way to build in the middle of Battle

free fire

so have their rankings are that the players more or less reach the title of challengers

the game often launches skins for weapons and clothing, as well as fun pet vacations that add up to your player

during battle is the game features two survival maps or better known shorts and the other Kalahari

Another thing that makes free fire super cool is to let the invisible letter for nick this makes you more exclusive in the match.

the new survival games for Royal have difficulty helping and hindering players so that at the end of the game there are only a single survivor left.

such as the pump zone and the known gas


Minecraft I could not leave Out this icon and market reference for many games

so from today it's been a while since 2011 here game was released by Minecraft has been seeing the numbers of players being incredibly well

that is, they grow with each game update with the largest possible number of players in the world. The game is about survival

as well as the creative mode where you create your own world giving Total Freedom to the player

you can also earn by selling your creation in the shop pays users the London open world game possibilities

with your friends explore this amazing world by killing Monsters, collect numerous items and discover the secret

besides going to a game if you don't know the game Due to its square shape Okay don't worry it was your invention the game

call of duty ghosts is also one of the most played games

therefore the only one, the game has two plander modes focused on collecting money and that puts up to 150 players

so to face the map it is called truths and according to activision it has more than 300 points of interest

thus , players will be divided among listeners of me shows a wide variety of vehicles

like quads, cars and helicopters that should make moving around the map very dynamic


So a game that's a game creation platform available for Xbox and PC mobile devices

within the platform players and creators can publish their games on the platform for other players

even if necessary these games with different types of games like racing FPS strategy RPG adventure

in other words, Roblox is so simple that it was made for children, encouraging creativity with its easy handling

in other words, for whom games are made within Roblox, they can be published and even sold by the creators only from within the platform.

such as Premium subscriptions and item sales

in short, you can see more content on these themes in the most played games


Action Games full list check here

You can see the video on youtube On here

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