Games to make money: Top 6 games to make money

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on January 2, 2022

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Games to earn money also for the year 2002 I'll go! Talking about some NFT games and help you make the best choice.

Therefore, the NFT games that the acronym in English Non Fugible Tokem, which means unique features that cannot be repeated

So there's no way to talk about games to earn money if you don't talk about AXie Infinity there is a logical reason for that, of course that this game will be pegged to the cryptocurrency in this case Ethereum

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That is, the project AXie Infinity as every project needs funding, so this crypto is sponsoring the game and also putting it in the form of free online games

By default in the game you work with the currency AXS which in the case runs on the Ethereum platform now you can also be participating in free projects

What are the best games to earn money?

Games to earn money and thetan arena a very recent game released on the 9th of 2021 took just a few days to hit millions of downloads in the play store, most likely to be the successor of Brawl Stars with almost the same gameplay, cool and fun to play. Runs on Android and IOS

As we know all games now releases are using crypto coins and this game's currency is the thetan as shown in the graphic above on the link

As it is a new project and runs on the (platform) of Binance Smart even the falling market this currency was stable

Next game to earn an income and town star this game refers to you creating your farm and every week there is a tournament where the best placed takes prizes.

There are already several strategies to get this score in the tournament and then take the prize

Another hot game in NFT and Blankos the great advantage of this game is that you can take the NFT and then sell it, so you are playing and making money

How to win there is the battle mode you earn points and exchange them for NfT or points in the game

Well, you are in the right place to earn money by playing, according to Exame magazine, the market for NFT had a growth of 700% in the third quarter of 2021 compared to the previous period.

That is, this represents 5.8 billion dollars traded.

Now if you are already wanting to invest in the gaming sector, here are some tips for Games bdr to invest.

How to make money from mobile games?

Yes, it is possible to make extra income with mobile games I will be showing some of Them o ball shooter it an app that aim the game and break stones using a cannon to get the rewards.

The difference of this game, besides you are earning playing it has an option of how to earn money with invitations, you can share your invitations with friends and receive the rewards.

And a very fun and cool game you will like I will leave the link for you Download ball shooter

Another game you might be making good money on and league kingofdoms this is a game that is available for either IOS OR Android. Therefore, a game that has been on the market for quite some time. It has excellent gameplay.

It has good earnings property, there are a lot of people billing, I will be leaving the link to download league kingofdoms

See here the options you have of Games to earn money

  • axie infinity= an nft game that runs on the 'blockchain' platform was released in 2018 and has over 2 million users
  • thetan arena= game created by wolf Fun with good gameplay and good earning opportunities you can also be playing on Android or IOS
  • town star= this is playing and for farm lovers aim to win the tournaments and thus take the prizes
  • ball shooter=this is one you might be winning the game this hosted on the play store has a good comment you might be making yours
  • League King of Doms =this is an epic medieval battle game one of the ways it is making money and with Ethereum I crypt it.

Well with these games you can already be with acquiring an extra income that you like more to do than and to play. Another advantage is to be doing something you enjoy without investing just your time.

about the game League King of Doms this one I found very interesting because we may be gaining digital assets that are NFT which would be Earth, wood, corn, gold. Each 'item' of this is unique.

I believe you are reading this article because you are interested in the topic about games and fine but all cash is welcome.

But I want to say that the important thing is to leave sustainability to your family.

See how to adapt extra income sources.

In one of his bibliography, Warren Buffett's Snowball, he describes that in addition to earning income, we have to teach our family members how to manage resources.

Wealth and a lot of left-handed people who entitle other people's activities in the future. You can use this wealth in any way you want, you can benefit or distribute it. But the idea is to pass wealth from generation to generation so that hundreds of their descendants can command the resources.

Schroeder, A. (2012). the snowball. Brazil: GMT.

Conclusion I hope I have helped in the Games tips to earn money I believe that there is much more that I thought was opportune in order to better perform your earnings expectations. Well now and with you good games and good earnings a hug.

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