How to get 1 BETTER MECHANICS at Fortnite

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Written by klebsondasilvasoares
on November 4, 2021

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Fortnite mechanics are one of the most important basics
for you to be a good player, whether casual or
competition. That's because it's the game's differential, building structures
and knowing how to use them to your advantage.

in other words, it will facilitate your journey
in competitions and championships in Fortnite.

And that's why in this video we will
be teaching you how to improve your mechanics a lot, teaching you step by step and explaining
every factor that is necessary to have a mechanic similar to the
Pro Players.

tips to get started on fortnite

One of the initial and most important factors for good and
consistent mechanics is Click Time. But what is Click Time you must be wondering.

Click Time is that Timing you need to have at your fingertips
when hitting the edit button when performing a sequence of edits.

That is, if
if you're going to do what we call a Triple Edit, or a triple edit, you
you need to have the Click Time well calculated so that you don't make a mistake in the middle of the
way and it gets in the way of your plays.

What we recommend is you practice
something we call Drills.

Drills are sequences of builds and edits
that you can repeat as a Looping to heat a particular
movement or the Click Time itself.

doing well in drill management

You can create your own drills yourself
based on what you have the most difficulty.

For example, if you have a lot
Difficulty Hitting Triple Edits, You Can Create A Drill You Make
two Triple Edits sequels and then two Double Edits sequels to
low. A Pro Player that we strongly recommend you watch and inspire you
creating your own Drills is Raider464.

In case you don't know him, he's a
specialist in mechanics and if there is one thing he does most are the Drills.
In addition to Drills, we have a very good map for you to practice.

The name of
map is Orange's Guy Warmup Map, the code will be appearing there on the screen and
you can check the description too. (CODE: 9672-0800-1824 ).

The purpose of this map is precisely to heat up and
practice your Click Time, as the structures are positioned closer than
your character's common.

starting to raise the levels

So that you can press your button
of editing more times than usual, practicing Click Time. we recommend you to
start each editing sequence on Medium difficulty and keep increasing.
as far as you can get.

Crosshair Placement
Crosshair Placement, also known as crosshair placement,
it's about knowing and mastering the crosshairs at the center of your screen.

extremely important for you to know where your crosshairs are going and
develop a muscle memory to position it correctly in the
Piece Controls and in the editing sequences.

One of the most practical ways in fortnite
training your Crosshair Placement, is trying to do what we call Free Build,
that is, just enter a map in the creative and build your own
drills and put into practice all the sequences of edits and constructions that
you know, but with the crosshairs disabled.

So To disable the reticle just
you go in the settings, in the third tab, that is, in the game interface tab,
and the crosshair will be the third option of all options. And you must be
asking how it would help you.

And it's very simple. you not knowing where
the center of your screen is, it forces you to think more about better positioning your
targets the sequences of edits and constructions.

And in time, you will be
getting used to the well thought out movements and will start performing
they unintentionally. And we also recommend you practice on those
Edit Course maps with the crosshairs disabled, like these two will
appear on the screen.

use map structures well

On these maps, you
choose the difficulty or which sequence you want to make, and do the ones you
wish without the crosshair to train your Crosshair Placement.

(CODES: 5739-
0895-9513 / 7562-1598-0199 ) Piece Control
You're probably tired of hearing that word, but the mechanics of
Fortnite's construction pretty much revolves around that.

likewise Piece Control nothing
it's more than the control of parts, that is, the control you have over your structures, how they are going, where
you're positioning, and mostly how you're using it
in your favor to put the enemy at a disadvantage and secure eliminations easily.

To have a good Piece Control, you need to have mastered others
factors we talked about in this video, Click Time and Crosshair Placement.

that you master these two factors, you can start practicing just
the piece controls and mastering the three you will have the mechanics.
perfect! A good piece control consists of knowing how to dominate and refute
your opponents' play with their buildings.

For example, an opponent
is advancing towards you by going up several ramps. with a good
part control is easy to stop it, it has several possibilities how to stop
him placing a cone above his ramp so that he locks into that cone, or
even do what we call Full Box, that is, involve the
opponent with walls, floors, and cones to form a box that is fully

involving opponents in fortnite

During the basics of Piece Control that's it, capping and locking the movement
of your opponents and involve them in a Full Box.

And to practice this, there is
a single perfect map, the same one that's appearing on the screen. (CODE:
6818-9760-6633). On this map, in addition to part control, you can
be training everything we talked about in this article , but instead of training
each factor individually, you will be using them all at the same time.

So This map may seem intimidating and complex at first, but it's
very practical to use and you can evolve a lot if used in the right way.
There are three available tile control modes on this map.

on the left of the
Spawn are the most basic and easiest Piece Controls.

There are eight types of
part control training at this most basic level.

in them you must
involve robots in structures as quickly as possible, being
capping them with a cone above or with a Full Box, and thus, finish
eliminating the robot with your weapon.

But remember to be creative, you can even
even start each sequence with some Drill you've invented, do the
Control piece on robot and eliminate it.

On this map, all sequences
available on any difficulty are endless, you decide when
stop or when advancing to the next sequence.

you can go back to the
Spawn by dancing any emote or shooting the blue square.
We recommend doing each sequence of all levels 5-10 times. At the
In the middle of the map, we have the middle tile control sequences, and in all, there are fifteen types.

the scheme is the same
of the most basic difficulty, the difference is that the construction route
what you should do is more complex.

passing through the tunnels in fortnite

And on the right, finally, we have
the Piece Control tunnels. The purpose of these tunnels is to fill all
spaces available with constructions and part and end control sequences
each tunnel as fast as possible.

Remembering that to return to Spawn you just need to
dance or shoot the blue square.

And in case you want to get a sense
how long or how many times did you do each sequence, just above each
one there is a counter, which shows how many times you performed that sequence.
Remembering that you can practice on this map without the crosshairs too.

Conclusion With discipline and practice, following the tips
that we provide in this article you will be able to develop a mechanic
professional. We hope you enjoyed the video and see you next time!


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