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on April 18, 2021

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The PlayStation 5 arrives in Brazil in November and it is clear that whoever is going to get a new console also needs to keep an eye on the games

that is, you already know which games are available when the PS5 launches

marvel's spider-man playstation 5

that is, Miles Morales takes place in the same universe and after the events of the Spider-Man game for Playstation 4

therefore, now starring more Morales the Peter Parker pupil The story is recorded in the Christmas period

that is, it will show more learning its characters and responsibilities as well as Spider facing enemies

so conservative EA mysterious Robson Corporation spider-man Miles Morales will have a basic standard edition

but it will also come out in a definitive edition that will bring in the package a remastering of marvel's spider-man from 2018

or sja for PlayStation 5 the game that stars but will also be released on PlayStation 4 with free upgrade offer

but when the user acquires the PS5 the developer lungs that revitalized the anti-art trilogy and Shadow of the Colossus

work on a remake of the demon Souls for the PS5 the game that kicked off the sun series is an action RPG

difficult bit in which you control a warrior who must explore the different regions of the cursed realm of boletta

ie area facing different enemies on the way the Playboy stars will be available free of charge on all Playstation 5 units

so soon at launch and will work as a spiritual sequel to both the Play app and the astrobots husky games

ie In this platform game player takes control of Captain Astro the fluffy robot from pot risk venturing

so for different locations in a 3D platform game using the different elements of Dual Cespe

sackboy to big adventure

likewise to make your experience simpler and simpler is a platform game for up to four people derived from the franchise

Little Big Planet, like in the games in the main series, you will be able to customize your doll in different ways

in other words, with the most different clothes, the game will also be available on PlayStation 4, the Action all-stars visa, a combat game

that is, it's a vehicular game in which you control various cartoon characters in a crazy and dangerous racing championship.

so from demolition even outside a vehicle players can still wreak havoc by being able to sabotage and even invade

but in capturing rival players' cars the cat was the first game officially announced for the PS5 and will bring action and loot

ie the developers are defining it as fighting slashers or something similar train the virgin who trades firearms for combat weapons

so the melee the story of cat Fall follows a valorian warrior and must explore the realm of apeiron

however divided between earth water fire wind and spirit in search of special weapons and armor to face a mad God

in addition to Playstation 5 the game will also be available on PC via Epic Games Store Cyber punk 2077 is one of the most awaited games

the witcher

therefore, the player controls to see a Bounty Hunter or Bounty Hunter who wants to make a figure recognized in the world.

so glamorous and violent to be born see will get involved with several big and factions around the city

therefore increase your reputation by relying on the teachings of Johnny silverhand a legendary figure in the game universe

meaning that it is played by Keanu Reeves in addition to PS5 Cyber punk 2077 will also be available on PC PS4 Xbox One and its Xbox on the same date

Call of Duty Black Ops cold war

that's how it works like a Direct sequel to the first Black Ops game set in 1980 and puts the player in a position of strength.

aasim special together with well-known characters from the series such as Frank Woods conducting covert operations against the Soviet Union

in several parts of the world in multiplayer has an unprecedented 6 mode with 36 weeks traction combats between large groups of Combat Arms

thus integration with the Horizon module and the popular zombie mode the game arrived on the market on November 13th

therefore, on PC PS4 Xbox One and Xbox civilians and PlayStation 5 in some parts of the world a few days later the game will be available

for the rest of the world market on Playstation 5

Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition

This is a new generation version of the game and features improved visual effects including raytracing

in addition to including green or as a playable character, in addition to this, the game will also feature two new modes

Legendary Dragon Knight that promises an even bigger challenge to gamers and the series turbo boosts

game speed

by twenty percent to make the action even more frantic Assassin's Creed Val halla set in 19th century England

during the period of the Viking invasions and the war between the kings of the islands and the forces of the great army pay

in short these games are very real and very active graphics we recommend too Today's most played games check the list

You can see the video on youtube On here

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