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Written by klebsondasilvasoares
on April 17, 2021

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in other words, it's a new generation of playstation is flourishing more and more, right guys, so we'll be preparing with new stories

So new characters and new games that are likely to start appearing more often

ie resulting in a greater amount of anxiety coming from our players.

So everyone is looking forward to playing on the next generation of consoles or maybe even the current one 

Awake playing with playstation

in other words, it doesn't bring the story of a young Indian woman who can access hidden dimensions with a Supernatural ability

so at first not even she even knew that she had been raised on the streets of Calcutta in India and haunted by visions

ie Aruna struggles to understand her mysterious innate abilities to manipulate the invisible in nine someone

to be released for PC Xbox One and Playstation 5 in 2021 is And there And then we have to wait for the journey of

Call of Duty Black

ie work luckily brings us back to the old wars here for me is one of the best this time

so our character will work with the American forces in order to find out about a supposed spy

in other words, involvements in cold war nuclear materials will have missions in several places in the real world and even now one of the best shooting games

 So you can choose between male female or binary character Plus both

in other words, the characters will be able to be customized and the game will also return with the famous zombies mode

 Call of Duty Black arrives not only for the new generation of consoles but also for PlayStation 4 Xbox One and PC

 so on November 13, 2021 we have one of the most intriguing promises of the next generation of consoles.

Which by the way will only reach your ex and PC da Galera avowed promises to be a much more immersive RPG

  Squad kill the Justice League

so it promises an extensive list of heroes and villains the game will feature four playable characters with Harlequin 

captain boomerang oq jerky and also that shot even though you play alone

so in a supposed cooperative mode and as the title already says, the Suicide Squad will end up confronting

Likewise, resulting in great chaos someone is expected to get to Playstation 5 on Xbox One

ie release date the fabric set mat I picked up three without a doubt was one of the big ads from

the trailer in revealed a lot is hinting that he can find himself in the early stages of production still guys.

State of Decay3

 in other words, it will also be the game available for Game Pass is the one being promised as a new beginning for the old one

 Gran Turismo 7

 Furthermore, the seventh title in the Series promises to explore well the raytracing technologies that the new generation

in other words, it will bring and also make a very complex use, right, the new control of the absence of the system

that promises new and diverse features Gran Turismo 7 still has no set date

however exclusively for PlayStation 51 And this is the same way that Gran Turismo 7 is arriving in the new generation

in short folks we have some better games here on the post

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