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Written by klebsondasilvasoares
on April 13, 2021

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In other words, and the puzzle games Are the most played games in the world and it's the last to spend that time.
literally racking my brain
for example, even the most current games like Godo f War have a puzzle in here and it works very well.
Due to the popularization of cell phones, puzzle games started to grow a lot and become much more
difficult and much more dynamic
so if you fell here looking for some puzzle game you fell in the right place today i'll show you
five great games there for you

 best puzzle games

Amazing, he wants a game of intelligence and logical reasoning, In other words, you'll need to paint and all
squares with the ball,

but the problem is that the ball it only walks to one place, that is, you will have to coordinate and the right ball for it to paint everything without missing anything

and as easy as it seemed, this game has some levels that are very difficult and very complicated.

you will remember that it has more than 100 thousand miles, there is a lot of downloads there on Google Play and a lot of people play, that is, it's a very complete game

Rope Rescue and the fourth game

Rope Rescue man, the game is simple and there isn't much if you talk about it then you need to pass all the little figures
the problem is that what seems simple then gets very complicated over time and the first few months
so we started very easy there, how are you! Seeing, however, later it becomes much more difficult and much more worthy of
you spend hours and hours there trying to pass just one of the phases
in other words, I don't know how I said, there's not much to talk about this game is worth it. Just play it

third Breaking out

ie it will test your level of what to go there, ie a very challenging game even if you need to answer
some very tricky riddles and test different puzzles there that will challenge your mind

you already have a lot of tricks even in this game and it is literally the game there to make you angry
of not being able to pass a screen there
so you'll remember that it has several levels, like several ones, and that a lot of people play this game because it's a very educational game.
so I'll leave a little bit here, hold me And then roll to decide if you download or not right

second place is his game up

it's a very simple game too, you'll control that little doll over there and you'll need to get all of them
However, to get there you will go through very complicated puzzles even the gameplay of this game
he is very good you will need to reshape the world there you see
in other words, you'll be able to sink it and raise it, as you see there, how did you see it just did
and only with these skills
So you're gonna have to go through the whole map Just trying to reshape the world there praying I don't die to get it all back from the beginning
for you who are looking for puzzle games This one is a good option

puzzle game 1

detective and you need to help the woman solve the problems the game is basically So you two are gonna get somewhere
determined There you will have some options of what to do and if you make the wrong choice and you will have to go back from the beginning
and the right option you go through the phase is more or less how it works
in other words, it's a very fun game and you can spend hours and hours there playing
in short I hope you liked it I hope you found new games there for you to play but I'm sticking around and I'll see you there in the next article Action Games full list check here
You can see the video on youtube On here

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