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Written by klebsondasilvasoares
on April 15, 2021

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racing games for xbox
that is, I took the best rated ones and gave my
personal opinion

So after playing all these games, I'll want to too
know your
because I respect everyone's opinion and your opinion is so

important as mine so then comment below what do you think they are
the best

Need for Speed Heat racing games

in other words, it's a great option
racing game
with a lot of action it brings back the police chases
as in the classics Most Wanted, Hot Pursuit and Underground,
so there is a lot of variety
day and night racing,
in the same way it's a very arcade style the game's map is

forza horizon

In other words, Forza Horizon a tip I give is that if you want
play the game

so for a very low price, it is to sign EA Access because the game is
available there,

therefore, the full game and subscription are costing around 19
reais (Brazil) the month then you sign

that is, in a month you will be able to reset the game in addition to
many other EA games

so there is a lot of game there, there is a lot of sports game and
lots of action game,

first of all it's very worthwhile besides a good amount of cars
paint and tweak option including nitro

that is, the game had an average of 8 in world reviews and I thought it was a great game


is a weakness of rally already
consecrated, before

so he was called Colin Mcrae who was the greatest driver in the category,
after his death the game changed its name to Dirt,

that is, the game is a mixture of
simulation and fun

therefore, it is interesting that it is very accessible even for those who
no manja

during rally because it has a game mode that is more arcade much more
easy, fun and the mode, simulation

that requires more precise commands and more
skill and it changes not only the difficulty

that is, it adapts the way you choose I think Dirt 4 is the most fun of them
that's why I put it on the list here and if you want to test the game
the tip that I
I give it is that it's on the Gamepass, so enjoy it, check it out.

it certainly was amazing he managed to improve everything and kept the
same essence

after that the number of characters increased a lot and it has a good system.
cool customization of your kart

that is, the game has a lot of variety of tracks and many
themed events and for those looking for 100% in the game
so there will be a challenge
huge, don't you think it's going to be easy
that is, I remember that the most complicated I
I thought was to complete the time challenge

 kart but

definitely the strongest point
then the fun is the gameplay that is very precise
so the game starts with clues
very easy, but then there is that you have more skill and precision

in other words, commands nothing so complicated the online mode is also a lot of fun
in addition to racing, it has quite a variety of battle modes, Crash Team Racing
in other words, it had an average of 8, 8.5 in the main world reviews and it is one of the racing games
that I recommend the most a lot of fun

 Project Cars 2

that is, variety of cars and tracks that its predecessor
however, it also brings news such as
off road racing mode
So the difficulty remains high, but it's ok
ie easier to play in controller
the first seemed to be made to be

like that on the wheel, this one is much more accessible despite that
that is in my opinion I think that
it even pulls more for the simulation because
so the gameplay for some can still
look complex,
in short, these racing games are very good, we recommend them too. Action Games full list check here
thank you and see you later…
You can see the video on youtube On here

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