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on June 2, 2021

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And during the week we came across new and interesting games to meet the guys in the coming years and among a good diversity of genres, the most adorable is known of them are the games where we see the character

on the screen and Pilar, right, let's not lose focus on anything today, the subject will be about the 10 most anticipated games when it comes to the third

if you like this style of gaming come with me because it's full of awesome game for us to check out in this and the next few years and then. And then to top this list Insana has an awesome

Lost Soul aside most anticipated games

 played in 3rd person this RPG was being created by only one person, but the project was so promising guys that Sony decided to embrace it and move with greater force in everything

recently the game released A Nova Gameplay showing not only an accelerated level of combat but also different scenarios from what we had seen at the beginning of the project

this exclusive here seems to be really amazing and it's really worth it for us to check it out when it's released.

but I want to remind you about the intriguing form of Gameplay that Break Wars introduced us to exploring the world of the third-person procedural the player

will explore oceanic and dangerous depths in addition to having to face huge Titans at various points in the game 

In addition, you need to explore, create survival items and even mine materials to build your base or even there means of transport. Besides Break Wars

it will also have a planting system that can help you feed and survive. Nobody. 

crimson desert

it is also the one of the games that has many people watching and that still promises to arrive in 2021 presents in an extensive single-player campaign we control MEC said the leader of a gang of organized Mercenaries played in 3rd person

the player will face a world full of mythical creatures that threaten the livelihood of the game characters you need to form your band of Mercenaries and make strategic choices

using an Action-focused combat system

while also working together or even against other players who inhabit the same world is 

And the time has come for us to face crushing adversity against more than 20 categories of enemies or 11 different xeromorphs along their evolutionary scales.

Aliens Fighting

 is a third-person co-op game where you and two friends must fight to survive in ancient alien ruins set in Allen's iconic universe.

here marines are thrown into a desperate fight to contain their threats saw teamwork is crucial and the player will have available in their arsenal more than 30 weapons and 70 accessories to strengthen you on this insane journey

 And, at this point, it's giving even more power to the third-person horror grid in games we have

Evil Dead The Game

 controlling the character Ash Williams or even his friends not conic movie franchise You need to work together in a game full of multiplayer action and issues related to PVP and cooperation

you and three friends need to explore this that manages an effective way to find key items to seal a portal that gives access between the real world and the Infernal world

Inspired by the three films in the franchise, sending the game brings a very intuitive gameplay and very well detailed visuals are fronts Jorge da Lourdes closes what to remember Ana kendy

design art

the initially advertised as strength which was not revealed as a recent new title played in 3rd person also here the player controls a young heroine has been released to Dangerous Land called the aunt

Although she doesn't know this place she will have to adapt to changes and learn magical skills to survive

the developer says that player will face fearsome enemies and will have to climb Treacherous approvals in an unparalleled journey

And then it's very difficult to find an open world game for the Apocalypse that I have beautiful details and such interesting settings

 but I didn't know if it's good, it's just that we've recently met

the day before

 a post-apocalyptic and survival open world game also here the player has a vast freedom of exploration, right from a game set in the United States where you wake up in a place not sure how you got there

and here too we need to hunt survival 'item' and also fight zombies hungry for human flesh and besides, this one is no better here and puts face to face

other online players that I too will try to survive

and the other game that we didn't see a lot about it, guys, but that will definitely appear in the next few years.

Hack and Slash

 very similar. By the way, our site played in 3rd person here we find a character with brutal combat skills as well as an excellent level in graphic visuals

This game is about knitting Way by the Guys, which means that there is a high financial budget being applied to the project despite the lack of information

everything that has been shown so far at least seems to be very interesting, right

the other third person game I'm dying to know is

Hogwarts Legacy

  which brings an incredible adventure into the universe of our dear Harry Potter set to be an RPG game you control an unknown character who eventually discovers he has magical powers 

It's up to you to control the fur that has been shown so far Hogwarts Legacy has a high level of graphic detail as a priority, right?

besides of course a vast open world for the player to explore the Originally announced at E3 of 2019 is the

dem wind

is part of a big and upcoming focus of From software running third person the game will take place in an open world full of rich traditions and a history

bloodthirsty it's been said that much of this RPG story will place a lot of emphasis on a very similar Dark fantasy world

it's the game shows that we've seen people and despite not having a set release date, it's still the one for me is expected to arrive later this year

being one of the most awaited games from

   new to the Gamer world is only here see also PLAYSTATION 5: ALL GAME LAUNCH

You can see the video on youtube On here

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