xbox one see why you have to buy and the best

ie xbox one is not a video game just fun more than a simple entertainment device]

So xbox ane wants to make your living room's multimedia center

Or is it a great choice when buying a new generation console you already know that the xbox o ane is a video game console

so microsoft created a device that goes even further with all in one is uniting in a single device almost all cats

Which are certainly present on your home shelf, whether you like it or not, the TV functions are the main attractions of the year and they are precisely

see the games you will play with xbox one

or you can watch the link

in other words, this makes the new xbox a device for the whole family, one of the coolest new things

is the pin feature also known as inep displays two contents on the screen at the same time

for example you can leave a netflix series running on the side while playing video games or vice versa

Or keep an (internet) explore window open while doing another task without compromising console performance

TV function

in it the TV function. also shows the android which as its name suggests displays a complete programming guide

The xbox 360 controller is one of the best available on the market and microsoft was able to further enhance xbox one

although even today batteries and is heavier than the ps4 shock, the accessory is very economical and democratic

With all players or better with all types of hands plus bigger buttons the biggest highlight of the new joystick is a vibration system

that is, from the triggers that give more realism to the matches according to what you are playing is definitely the best control of the current generation

xbox generation

Kinect 2.0 is no longer mandatory xbox of the year but the peripheral can be handy if you use the console's tv functions

in fact all navigation can be done using voice commands want to turn on the device just say xbox turn on

or go to netflix saying xbox go to netflix the pin feature can also be voice activated say

so xbox pin to learn the app on the side of the screen or xbox toggle to toggle between the two contents

So the video has a link with all the speech commands available on xbox the year in Portuguese when it comes to motion capture

the new kinect leaves nothing to be desired, much more precise the accessory now has an infrared sensor to detect movements even in dark environments

Or narrower locations perfect if you don't have a lot of space in the living room at home

in addition, kinect is able to recognize up to six people simultaneously.

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in short, xbox one is very good and there are many I hope I helped you in choosing your game and good games

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